What Drives the True Designer Within You?

A good design can drive a company’s bottom line, build emotion to create a movement, or entertain someone for hours.  But, what drives a designer to develop such influential pieces even if they aren’t the ones holding the strings behind the dream.


The excitement of something being born is the exact thing that makes many designers excited about creating.  New “design parents” help to make the process a designer goes through make the end result so much more worth it.

Explore New Worlds

One of the coolest things about the design world is that you rarely make the same thing one after another (unless you work for a design firm and then I’m sorry for you). As a result, you get to discover new places you’ve never gone before and learn new things. Therefore, each project becomes a new piece of “virtual land” that you get to start building on.

Learning New Things

A designer is constantly evolving and being educated.  Whether on purpose by learning a new program or as a byproduct of working a new job.  This education can be a huge rush.  As a result, I would consider most designers to be incredibly worldly because they’ve got to be able to jump into any industry to become a major cog or fall to the wayside and watch others work.

Building Relationships

Most designers spend time in front of a drawing board or a computer for hours on end developing concepts for others.  In order to truly understand a project, a designer really needs to know who they are working with to flourish.  As a result, great connections (sometimes long-term bonds) are developed with some really cool people from your local area or across the world.  These relationships make the designing process a memorable experience that most designers can take with them into the future.

What drives your design?

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