Vectors and Rasters – What are they?

Whenever I’m done designing something for someone, the common question that comes up is what files do I need.  That one tends to be followed up with the question about what each one does.  I usually give a detailed account of the different files so that it’s easier for them to be able to use them.

This lead me to realization that maybe it’d be even better to have a visual created for someone to look at when determining what types of files I may be giving them.  I do have to say ahead of time that all “Adobe” programs are my favorite to use.  Not only because they tend to be the graphic design standard, but they are the only ones I use so you’ll see them represented in much higher regard on this.

Vectors and Rasters are both incredibly important when you are running a business. Vectors and Rasters can be used to help build that great brand presence over many different types of media. Feel free to let me know what you think about this infographic. If it’s something you may want to use, please feel free to contact me about that as well.

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