St. Patricks Day Designing

Leprechauns, green beer, shamrocks, and corned beef and cabbage.  Those are some of the traditions that make up St. Patrick’s Day.  As a graphic designer, I’ve had the opportunity to be able to also create some fun designs that are either directly related to the theme or indirectly related to this enjoyable holiday.  Let’s check them out!

Themed Characters

One thing that some people like to do is to have their logo designs to have holiday themes.  This is an example of one of them that I’ve created over the years.  It’s a dog grooming business located in Michigan that I created a Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, and St. Patty’s Day themed logo on top of the original logo that I created for them as well.  These are fun to create as well as help to develop that versatility within a brand that some people really enjoy having to connect with the time of year!

St. Patricks Day Dog

Brewing it Green

Moose Beer

It may not be Guinness or any other beer that originated in Ireland, but the Canadian Growler is a logo I created years ago for a company in Canada.  Beer is a staple of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities so I thought I’d show a design that at least treaded in that same direction from my collection.

A Little Luck of the Irish!

Irish Luck

A big theme among the Irish is the Luck of the Irish and this design I created a while back helps to illustrate that feeling of luck.  Horseshoes, clovers, and your old used gym socks that won that football game in High School.  They all represent luck (albeit a little stinky at times)!

St. Patrick’s Day is a time of celebration for those with Irish lineage as well as those that believe they should have been born Irish. Either way, celebrate responsibly my friends!

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