Spring Break – A Designers Dream

There are times in the year that a graphic designer can just let it all hang out and not feel like they have to be confined to a specific box of design.  Spring Break is that exact time of the year.  The other “holidays” have specific themes that you have to stay within.   Sure, you can go outside of the realm of possibility, but not too far without stirring up those that are die-hard fans of that holiday.  Spring Break has no limits and that’s the fun of it all.  Let’s check it out!

Spring Break – Its Elementary

If you want to go cute, have at it.  Spring Break is a time for people of all ages (even the retired enjoy to stay out past 10:00 p.m. at times).

If a designer focuses on the younger crowd, they can continue that with themes of gentle enjoyment of fun in the sun and general enjoyment of this time of year. Childish cartoon characters that could be used on shirts, sunglasses, or other items that get you out to enjoy the weather are perfect for this season of the year. Spring Break is a great time to design for the Elementary crowd!

Spring Break Elementary

Fun in the Sun

Surfing and Fishing

Sometimes a designer just wants to have some fun with the sun on a Spring Break design and just create something that epitomizes that feel.  Just the enjoyment of the time of no worries while creating a design that could be used for all ages.  Surfing, fishing, or overall fun in the sun helps to make a great design for Spring Break.

Springing for Higher Education

Spring Break Fun

The biggest crowd that knows no limits for Spring Break design is the High School and College age group.  There are absolutely no boundaries for this group as they enjoy designs on all types of items ranging from shirts to shot glasses and everything in between.  There are cute images and much more graphically creative images.  This range leaves almost no door closed on what can be created.

Spring Break designing for the higher education group is a multi-million dollar industry that will continue to grow as time moves on.  There are groups of people that look at this time of year as their Christmas as it is when they make their money as well as enjoy the scenes and the atmosphere of it all.

From Daytona to Cabo, Cancun to Padre, Spring Break will forever be a time of getting away and letting loose. It will also be a great time for graphic designers to be fancy free within their skills as well!

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