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After you do something for a while, you start to discover new things.  Last July, I was offered an opportunity to be the Social Media Specialist for a driver’s education company in Phoenix called, The Institute for Drivers Safety.  I had been a user of social media, but at that point, had never taken the opportunity to use my design and networking skills to work in that venue.  8 months later and I’ve not only enjoyed the experience, but I’ve become much more savvy in that field which made me realize I should glean some of what I discovered here.  Let’s see what Social Media Lessons I’ve learned.

Too Much Selling – Not Enough Buying

One thing that I’ve discovered about some companies that are on Social Media is that they believe Social Media is just another platform to sell themselves.  It’s called Social Media, not Social Advertising so you’ve got to balance how much of your posts are going to be a direct sell of services as well as information you want to share.  I’ve noticed a number of companies in the same industry as IDS and they have less than half of our followers, but they’ve been in SM for much longer.  People are definitely not buying what they are selling.

Don’t Be Too Random

When putting a post together on your SM, you’ve got to make sure you know your audience and your industry.  There are funny things that you can post to get someone’s attention, but if it’s too random, you’ll be belly flopping on concrete.  In other words, it’s going to hurt you in more ways than one by creating audience detachment.

Don’t Overpopulate, but Under Perform

Way too many companies, groups, or individuals believe in the importance of SM.  In this regard, they sign up for every known SM site and app that comes out.  The problem is that they only have time to use a few of them which turns the others into a ghost town.  If people are searching for your business and they see a lack of productivity on those sites, it also reflects on what you can do for them.  In business, impressions are huge to gaining clients.  Only create and populate as many Social Media sites as you are willing to update regularly.

Don’t act like the Queen when you’re a Peasant

In Social Media, the name of the game is connections.  That means you need to follow others, interact with others, share thoughts and ideas with others, and overall be a good neighbor.  If you go into the neighborhood acting like you own the place, you’re going to have neighbors that are okay with having their dogs poop in your yard as well as not care about you.  You want to develop relationships on Social Media because it’s how you grow your fan base.  So follow others, learn about other businesses, and like what other people do.  It’s how you develop those essential networking connections to drive your traffic.

If you’re an experienced Social Media guru or just starting out, you’ll always discover something new to help grow your audience, just remember to be a good neighbor and learn from the Social Media Lessons you receive!

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