What Social Media is the Best for you?

Social Media is the new way for businesses to communicate to all types of clients, customers, friends, and anyone in between.  If a business hasn’t realized the benefits of Social Media, it probably means that they’ve got a product that stands the test of time or they really don’t want to grow.  Why do I say that?  Because the world has changed to be a place that sometimes the news is happening on Social Media so that’s where everyone wants to be.  So let’s look at a few different types of Social Media and their value to a business.

Like Me on Facebook

Facebook has become a new home to many people.  It’s a place you reconnect with friends, long lost family, or co-workers.  That same value hasn’t been lost on businesses. Facebook is a kind of a virtual town where people enjoy interacting and therefore a business can set up shop and get a great presence.  However, you have to be careful of your audience.  Facebook is a large network, but it does tend to be a network that is dominated by people in their late 20s and up.  Therefore, if you’re trying to connect with the younger crowd you’ll want to go elsewhere.


Picture me This


If you are looking to attract the youth of America, Instagram is the place.  Since you are only posting pictures with captions below them, Instagram is a favorite of teens and the younger generations that love to take selfies, food pictures, scenery, and whatever else they come in contact with. Therefore, if you’re a business with that sector as your focus audience, it’s great to get a presence on Instagram so that you can be a part of that crowd.  That also means that you’ll need to get pictures that will attract that generation and post them frequently.

Let’s Link Up

LinkedIn is the ultimate business meet up place.  However, it’s also not a place that is necessarily going to be where you are going to get new customers.  LinkedIn is essentially an online resume social media platform.  You have the ability to let people know what you’ve done, where you work, and the qualifications that you have. You can build connections between other professionals like yourself as well as among other businesses.


Tweet Tweet


Twitter is another Social Media platform that is becoming much more popular with the younger generation.  The immediacy of information, the celebrities that use it, and the ability to share anything at any time is very appealing.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  The other Social Media platforms allow you to have immediate posts, but Twitter is like bringing texting to a higher level while also allowing the world to see it at the same time your friends do.  Businesses like the ability to also share quick tidbits to their customers and future clients as well so Twitter is a very popular and easy Social Media to start with for any business.

There are many other Social Media avenues such as Snapchat (also for the younger crowd), Yelp (great for getting reviews of your company), as well as Google+ (most people still don’t really use it, but still have an account because they know it helps with their SEO for Google searches). Check all of them out!

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