Let’s Draw

For those of you that don’t know, my full-time job is as a teacher in Arizona.  Freelance graphic design is a passion that I’ve been chasing since 2007.  One of the cool things about teaching as well as drawing is that I’ve been able to use my drawing skills for many different things at the school.  Over the years I’ve had multiple students ask me to show them how to draw.  Unfortunately, my focus is on Language Arts, and as a result, I haven’t had that opportunity, UNTIL NOW!

I’ve created this page so that I now have a place to be able to teach what I do in my free time to any student that is interested.  Some of it will be step by step tutorials and others will be videos of me drawing.  I look forward to finally being able to share my passion for drawing with anyone that wants to watch.  If I start getting a good audience, I’m going to be taking requests so we can make this experience even more interactive.  Enjoy!

Step by Step

Step by Step Tutorials


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Current Projects

Current Projects Coming Soon