SEO – How do you make it Off-Site?

All businesses that want websites are focused on getting their websites up and making sure that they have the highest SEO possible for their site.  It’s what drives web designers / developers and programmers to be the best at their job.

For those of you still trying to determine what SEO stands for, it’s Search Engine Optimization.  In short, it means making sure that your site has everything it needs to be searched to the highest level on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others.  However, this is On-Site SEO.  Most people don’t think about the other important form of SEO which is Off-Site SEO.  Let’s investigate it!

Off-Site SEO – The Boomerang Effect

If On-Site SEO is optimizing your actual site, then Off-Site SEO is obviously optimizing your site off  of it.  What that means is finding ways to be able to publicize your page or place links outside of your site that attracts people to your site.  Kind of like the boomerang effect. Send out links to other places to get people and attention to you via searches.

The Social Media Effect

Social Media

Linking relevant information to your different Social Media Accounts gets that bounce back to your sites as well as that extra attention for your Off-Site SEO. If you can get friends to share, like, tweet, or whatever other fancy smancy way of passing your information out to their friends, neighbors, or cousins, it helps to drive this area as well.

Shared Business Links

Another great way to develop your Off-Site SEO is to develop connections with like minded businesses in your industry focus and see if you can get your web link placed on their page.  These are usually called “Back Links” because your trying to get people to link back to you.  Of course, turn about is fair play, so you should make sure that you also find a great way to link the other business to you as well.  It’s the right thing to do.

Video Promotion

Another great way to get Off-Site SEO increase is to create videos and put those on a video sharing site like YouTube.  After creating and uploading, you’ll need to make sure that you get your branding on the videos so that people can again be linked back to your website to continue to drive your SEO.  Since there are multiple video sharing sites, post in more than one location as it will continue to drive attention your way.


Connect with Bloggers

Having friends in low, high, and in between places can be very beneficial to your Off-Site SEO development and making friends with bloggers is definitely another direction you’ll want to go.  If you can get bloggers (because they want to not because you continue to prod them) to include blurbs about you and provide links to your site, that can also be very beneficial to driving your score.

Pay for it

Google AdWords

Sometimes when you want something, you can always put money into it to be able to get it.  Paying for a Google AdWords account can do that.  The advertising that you pay for goes to other sites that offer advertising and people then click on your ads which increase the traffic and SEO to your site.

The biggest key that business owner needs to realize about Off-Site SEO is that they don’t have to be a web designer to improve it. All of the things I’ve mentioned are tips of how you can become a better networker to drive your SEO on your website. Start today!

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