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After you design for a while, you start to look back and realize that you have been fortunate to be able to design for many different industries.  It’s also that realization that helps you to realize that the world of graphic design is such a cool place to be because you get to learn about what goes into these cool industries.  Racing is one of these industries I’ve had the pleasure to design for and I have a cousin of mine, Chris Budzban (a phenomenal web and graphic designer in his own right), to thank for entrance into this realm.  Check out my trip down the race lane to see some of the racing designs and racing logos I’ve created!

KISS this one Goodbye!

A few years back, my cousin Chris, who is a huge KISS fan, was starting to make a name for himself in racing and he approached me about creating a Gene Simmons KISS cartoon design that he could put on his car.  I initially was a little nervous because the character Gene plays is such an iconic figure that I didn’t think I would be able to do him justice.  I decided to take on the challenge and the result was something that I do have to say is something that I was proud of.  Check it out on Chris’s car as well!

Gene SimmonsChris Budzban

Squeezing the corners

Squeegee Beaver

In the world of racing, you definitely want to be able to see where you are going or at least have a clear camera.  That is what Squeegee Beaver is for and it is a company based on the East Coast of the U.S. and they cater to the needs of the race car driver.  They wanted a fun little beaver character to get their point across.  Sex sells as they say!

Look Out a Category 5 is coming!

My racing design work doesn’t just extend to the car type, but it also extends to the BMX track as well.  A former student of mine works with a local BMX team and they were looking for a new logo as well as a jersey design.  I had no hesitation to jump at the offer to help out.  They wanted a design that focused on BMX while getting that disaster of a storm coming through and here’s what we came up with as a result!

Category 5

Not to the Finish Line Yet

Working with the racing industry has been very enjoyable as it brings back memories of being around my grandpa who was a lifelong mechanic as well as being around my uncle (Chris’s dad) who is also a mechanic but also a great race car and snowmobile racer.  Below you’ll see more of my designs I’ve created for people in the racing industry.  Enjoy!

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