Organic Logo Design

For those of you thinking that this is going to be about natural products without any additives or about things that have to do with recycling.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but this post is more about those designs that have much more of a free flowing handrawn feel.  That’s not to say that Organic Logos can’t be created for those types of companies (as many organic companies may want to give that impression).  It’s just that not all of them we talk about will be.

What Makes it Organic?

Natural fertilizer and sunshine have nothing to do with an Organic Logo Design. That is, unless you are sitting outside in the dirt with your drawing pad.

Organic Logos exhibit a natural free flow to them. They illicit a drawn feeling that doesn’t feel like it was created entirely on a computer. However, the really fun thing about an Organic Logo is that it could be created on a computer in today’s world because of how advanced the programs have gotten. They all a much more free flow to creating instead of a clearly chiseled feel.

Hippie Hounds Liberty Bar

What’s the Purpose of Going Organic?

The really inviting thing about an Organic Logo is that it provides a  very original look compared to the more processed logo design that, at times, can be easily copied.

Organic Logos also can be effective in relaying a company’s image. A brand trying to relay that they are into ecology, creating things that are fresh, or even wanting to identify as being original within their field can be drawn to an Organic Logo.

Aside from a logo, companies can choose to create a more organic feel within their internal brand to relay a very fun and lively vibe as well. Chipotle and Starbucks are two companies that have been very effective in getting more organic internal feel to their businesses and as a result people really enjoy spending time there (they’ve made millions of dollars as a result too!).

Hand Drawn Logos

Is there a Reason to not go Organic?

An Organic Logo is really great for a hip trendy feel, but if you are looking to be corporate, you are probably not wanting this.  It’s not that a corporate brand couldn’t be organic in feel.  They just tend to want to appeal to the masses.  Therefore they tend to go with the more Processed Logo feel.  What’s a Processed Logo?  We’ll discuss that in tomorrow’s post!

As you look around at stores, restaurants, or any other businesses you come in contact with, check out the type of branding that they use and see what you think it says about them to you, the viewer!

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