Nutty Designs – for National Peanut Day

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!  It seems like the idea of a holiday has been overextended to making each day a “National Day of Something.”  Well today isn’t any different.  In fact, if you look up what today represents, you’ll actually come up with a fairly long list of things being represented today.  I, however, really like to embrace my nutty side and therefore really feel we should celebrate “National Peanut Day” today.  Sorry for those of you with peanut allergies, but this post may involve something you may be allergic to.

As a disclaimer – No peanuts, peanut products, peanut dust, people who recently touched a peanut, or someone who recently looked at a peanut were used for this post.  It should be safe to view without an allergic reaction!

Buttery Logos

Nutty Logos for Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter comes in all different shapes sizes and names as you can see from the logos above.  Some give you an impression of classy as with Justin’s while others kids you that feeling of being playful with Peter Pan and Black Cat.  Regardless of how you name it, peanut butter is a fan favorite on sandwiches (unless your allergic of course).

Nutty Characters

Nutty Characters

Although Mr. Peanut and the characters from The Peanuts would be obvious choices for this one, these three characters take the cake…err…peanut pie?  The Nutty Professor, Madea, and Kramer from Seinfeld are all very unique characters in their own right and will probably be known for their originality / nuttiness!

Nutty Movies

Mad Max Alice Spaceballs Naked Gun

There are weird wild “Nutty” movies all around us, and these three are perfect examples of them.  The previous Mad Max movies as well as the most recent one really help to realize the nuttiness of where humans may be headed.  Any movie with Johnny Depp seems to be pretty nutty and Alice in Wonderland is one such movie.  Great actor, but really plays some nutty characters.  Spaceballs.  Need I really say more.  Any movie that names one of the villains after a pizza joint is nutty.  Last, but not, least, the Naked Gun franchise.     Check it out.  It could make even the craziest person feel normal!

We could go on forever in talking about Places, Things, Products, or pretty much anything. Happy National Peanut Day. Enjoy something made from peanuts (unless you’re allergic which in that case, you should probably try to find a food substitute for the day like National Tofu or something like that)!

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