Music – How can it help you design?

Music is said to be able to soothe the savage beast.  It’s used to put baby’s to sleep.  It’s also used to drive up the intensity of a crowd at a sporting event.  Overall the effect of music is much greater than many of us give it credit for.  Music is what  creates our soul to do great things.  That’s why the power of music can help a graphic designer to grow to even larger heights.  In fact as I write this, I’m listening to music myself.  Let’s discover some ways that you can utilize music to help you become a better graphic designer!

Calming Influence

It is true that music does soothe the savage beast.  With graphic design, this is incredibly important because sometimes you need something that will help drive your focus.  Many graphic designers desire perfection within what they are creating and sometimes when you don’t attain that immediately, frustration sets in.  You need something that can help set you straight and finding the right music can be the perfect medicine.

Silencing the rest of the World

The world around you can become a very noisy place.  No, I’m not talking about the television, a barking dog, or someone yelling at you.  I’m talking about the noises within your own mind that are helping you to make decisions. Those voices sometimes need to have some direction and by getting some music going, you can often clear out the clutter of what matters and what doesn’t so you can get to a great graphic!

Awaken the Senses

Like a strong cup of coffee in the morning, music can be that perfect medicine to fire those nerve cells in your brain to get creative juices moving.  Sometimes you’ve just got to get something that help you to rock out and feel like you can do anything.

What’s the Perfect Music to Design to?

There is no perfect answer to this question because every single person gets driven by something different.  Whether you are into classical, country, rock, rap, jazz, the blue, contemporary, reggae, or any other type of music will determine the style of music that motivates your mind.  Just find something that fits you because that’s what matters most.  Don’t veer into a type of music you don’t tend to listen to because it will play tricks with your senses that may do the opposite of what you intended.  It’s kind of like being a city kid that goes to stay in the country.  You’ll need some type of white noise to feel normal or you may not getting sleep.  Find music you enjoy not what someone else prescribes!

In short (not picking on the little guy), music is a huge driving force behind great graphic design. Music is a very powerful force. Use it wisely young one!

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