Logo Design – Your Steps Before We Start

Designing logos can be a very enjoyable process for both the new logo recipient as well as the designer.  However, there are things that the future owner of the logo should do before contacting a designer.  As much as we’d love to be able to say we can read minds and be able to come up with things out of thin air, designing is very much a two way street.  So let’s look at some things people can do to be ready to contact a designer.

Step 1 – Identify your Company Name

I know what most people are thinking, well duh, of course you need to have your company name.  Unfortunately there are times that a designer is asked to help come up with a name.  Now there’s nothing wrong with that.  The problem sometimes with a designer coming up with the name is that the designer isn’t in the trenches like the business owner so they may not come up with a name that full epitomizes the company’s long-term success.

Step 2 – Determine a Basic Feel You Want

No matter what industry your business is located in, there is no perfect direction for your logo design.  There are car dealers that use cartoon characters while others that use very pristine designs.  By understanding your basic feel, it allows a designer to have a much clearer direction.

Step 3 – Ensure Your Original

Originality is the key to any design.  You can model your business after other companies, but your image should be your own.  Over the years, I’ve had people that have wanted to directly copy a design and use it for their logo.  Not an exact copy, mind you, but something very similar.  This is copyright infringement.  Not only does this set you up for a lawyer knocking at your door, but it also muddies the long-term possibilities of your image because people could confuse you for something else.  Be original to gain long-term success as well as trust from others.

Step 4 – Identify Usage of the Design

Another thing that people forget to think about is how others will see the logo.  Will you put it on business cards, letterhead, a website, signage, a car wrap, etc.?  These items will make a huge difference in how you may want your logo to look as well as what types of things you may not want for your logo.  Be smart and think ahead for placement before starting to design.

Step 5 – What’s Your Color Palette?

Logos can come in many different colors, and those colors often represent specific hidden messages.  Therefore, taking the time to look at the different colors you want will be very important before a design is started because sometimes colors can determine what you can / can’t do with a logo design.  Make sure when you’re looking t the coloring to ensure that you don’t use too many colors though.  This will have an impact on printing as well as helping your design to have a simple message.  Too many colors and it can become too cluttered and not as pretty to look at.

In short, be proactive in your thinking before you contact a designer so that you can hit the ground running and not spin your wheels too much in the beginning stages!

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