Logo Design Like the Major Leagues

Learning how to design logos can take time.  Part of that time should be spent looking at what already works.  The truth behind all designers is that we learn from seeing what others have done, not by copying, but by seeing what works.  With logo design, you should take the time to really look at sports logos.  Those logos not only represent a billion dollar industry, but they also can teach you a lot.  Let’s take a look at what lessons you can glean from them!

Bold is Beautiful Logo Design

Reds Cubs Yankees

Regardless which team you follow and which team you despise (I know the Yankees have intense people on either side of that issue) the one thing we can all agree on is that sports logos have a very strong, bold look.  They have very thick lines in them and a impressive presence.  There are rarely ever tiny details on these logos as a result of being on lots of products and clothing.  Not only that, but little details really aren’t great in logo design as they tend to get lost or can distort a logo’s impression to the viewer as well.

Simplicity is King

Texans Chargers Cardinals

Sports logos rarely have a lot of color in them.  In the three logos above, they have a maximum of three to four colors depending on how they are placed.  The overall logo design is very simple in nature which allows the design to be used all over the place with very few restrictions.  There are very little effects and design elements just the overall styling which gives the design it’s strong appearance.

Subtle Often Stays

Bears Packers Tigers

One thing logo designers often fail to remember is that they are designing something that should be able to hold its own for a long time.  A logo design isn’t intended for a few years and then be redesigned (although unfortunately big brand names like to do that which unfortunately causes confusion to customers).  In the case of the Bears, Packers, and Tigers, their logos have stood the test of time mainly because they have a very subtle artistic look to them.  Similar to the other designs presented, they have very few colors, strong lines, and present a striking, yet simplistic look.  A lot can be learned by the staying power of these.

Check out more professional sports logos and identify the logos that have both the highest staying power as well as the ones that may be changed again down the road. These lessons can be a great way to see how you can create your next logo design!

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