GoDaddy WordPress Hosting – Is it worth it?

So you’re looking at creating your own website and specifically want to be able to create a WordPress site.  You’re doing your research and see that GoDaddy has a hosting option that is specifically for WordPress sites.  You wonder, is it worth it?  The answer I have is yes, yes it is and let me tell you why.

Focused on Just WordPress

When I originally signed up with GoDaddy 2 years ago, I was mainly looking for the ability to host a website for my graphic design business.  I ended up getting a middle of the road C-panel Hosting plan that worked well for a few years.

However, as time moved on, I discovered that I wanted to do more with my site and therefore, I decided to do a re-design (in Jan. 2016). I discovered the X Theme template and have truly loved using it. Unfortunately, I discovered that the C-panel hosting lacked the ability to keep up with my new template which resulted in slower processing and painful blogging.

After spending a few days of torture, I contacted the GoDaddy customer service department and had a good conversation about options. They suggested that I used a straight WordPress hosting plan instead of my current C-panel plan. I was at my renewal point, so I decided to switch over. I haven’t been disappointed.

Faster Processing

Since I was being hosted by GoDaddy, the plan I chose also gave me the ability to have plugins that optimized search engines to my site.  In other words, it made the SEO of my site instantly higher by just going with GoDaddy.

Optimized Plugins

Immediately after I switched, I discovered that some of the processes I was getting irritated with became uber fast!  I could blog quickly, add media within seconds, and overall time between clicks and movement was just plain painless.

Improved Site Rating

Like many sites, they can sometimes be unrated when appearing on business networks as a result of being blocked (regardless of content). My previous hosted site was in this category. However, immediately following my switch to the GoDaddy WordPress hosting, my site was no longer unrated and was no longer blocked by most business Internet networks. This obviously allows my site to have a much higher viewership ability which is always a huge plus for any site.

Any Words of Caution?

The only thing that I would say that you do have to be aware of in regards to a GoDaddy hosted site is to make sure that all plugins play nicely with it.  Like all things, sometimes they can be configured in a way that they don’t like to be friends.  Ensure that if you are adding plugins to a GoDaddy WordPress hosted site that the plugins work with it.  On your dashboard, GoDaddy does provide some plugins that they suggest so you may want to start there for any new ones you’d like to add.  If you have a favorite that you like to use, you may just want to do a search of possible conflicts with a GoDaddy hosted site ahead of time to determine problems ahead of time.

Overall, my experience so far with the GoDaddy WordPress hosting has gone off without a hitch and it makes life so easy when you can just have fun with a site and not worry about how to fix it!

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