Colors Create Emotion in Design – Part 2

Last we left, we were focusing in on the emotions that logo designs may give off and therefore the specific business sectors those logos may fall into.  However, the structure within a design may be one way to elicit a specific emotion, but the colors are also a very important way to get an emotional vibe into a design as well.

I do caution you that sometimes color doesn’t mean a whole lot though as there are some people out in the world that are color blind.  I’m one of those people, but that’s another blog post to write in the future:)

It’s Not Easy Being Green


Years ago, the color green gave off a feeling of wealth and prosperity which was therefore used in a lot of financial businesses, for example GreenTree.  However, time has changed so much that the color green has now become a huge simple of freshness (as in food) as well as spreading the world of being ecologically friendly.

Green Logos

Seeing Red


It’s really no coincidence that many food companies use red within their logo because the belief is that the color red incites a feeling of hunger.  Therefore, why not subconsciously target your customers.  Red does elicit other strong feelings such as passion and urgency which is why it’s a popular color for other retailers like Target as well as a color well known during Valentine’s Day.

Red Logos

Feeling Blue

Calm, Trust, Security, these are just three of the emotions that the color blue can psychologically give you.  Therefore, it is also a popular color for many companies to use for their logos.  Walmart wants you to feel comfortable shopping there. JP MorganChase wants you to feel secure with their financial offerings, while HP and GE want you to trust that their products will be dependable.

Blue Logos

Purple Equals Royalty

Purple has often been associated with royalty and therefore that is one reason many logos use it.  However, it also elicits a feeling of overall importance and stimulates that feeling of an urge for something much like the color red and therefore it also is used by candy companies, like Willy Wonka and Cadbury, for their logo designs.

Purple Logos

These are just a few of the different colors that elicit emotion. Yellow has a bright vibrance that attracts people for it’s youthfulness and Orange is also another popular color that gives a sense of excitement. It’s no wonder that Amazon uses a slight swoosh of it to get it’s subtle smile while connecting the A to Z.

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