Communication – the Key to Future Success


Ring, Zing, Swoosh, Click!  What do all of those words have in common (other than sounds your body might make when you are out in the winter weather)?  They're all sounds you hear in today's world to communicate with other people.  Communication is all around us. There's the ring of the phone, the zing of a text, the swoosh of an email, and the click of getting on social media.  Before you get lost in the world of technology, identify how well you truly communicate with other people.

Why wouldn't our communication have gotten better?  Right?  The problem is that it hasn't, it's gotten worse.  How many of you have looked at caller id to see if you want to answer a phone call?  How often have you gone to a restaurant and, instead of seeing groups of people socializing, you see them on their phones?  When you send a message and don't get a reply within an hour or two, how many of you have ever felt the other person is avoiding them?  Advancements in technology haven't helped us as much as they have actually caused us to move backwards.  In business, developing good communication can be a key to huge success.  Here are some ways to make it happen!

Develop Expectations

If you are a business, you want to develop a reputation of what people should expect from you, right?  This also goes with letting your consumers know what they can expect with your communication.  People should know how and when you will communicate with them on their concerns, questions or answers to their inquiries.  Often, this is the first step in developing a regular relationship with your customer.  Don't lose out on those opportunities.

Any Answer is Better than No Answer

Often the thing that gets people more  upset than anything is feeling ignored.  They either emailed or called someone and haven't gotten a response in a timely fashion.  Remember we live in a much faster world so people believe that they should get a response quickly.  Since most people can't answer every question emailed or called to the level that the question is asked, what you can do is send a short reply letting the person know that you got the message and will answer them in a specified amount of time.  This shows that you care about that person and lets them know when to expect an answer.  It shows that you care.  That's what most people want to feel and have no problem waiting now.  However, you will need to uphold the timeframe you stated for an answer to keep this trust.

Say Thank You

One of the most missed items in communication is saying thank you after someone is done working with you.  Hello, goodbye, and thank you lets your customers know they aren't just a number but a part of your community.  Saying thank you can mean sending a message a few days later.  Depending on the cost of doing business with you, it could also mean a small gift of appreciation.  Overall, you want to communicate that you appreciate what the customers mean to what you do on a daily basis.

In the end, the way you communicate and interact with the people you do business with can have a huge impact on not only keeping your business, but also building it.  Once people recognize that you truly do care, word will spread.  As we know, in this world, that means it can spread in many different directions. Ring, Zing, Swoosh, Click!

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