Branding – What’s in a Name?

Branding a new company can be a lot like a little kid dancing in a candy store not knowing what to buy.  It represents an exciting moment in a business and can also represent the biggest opportunity for a company to develop immediate success.  I’m sure that last line about immediate success has puzzled some of you.  How does the name of a company provide its success?  The branding of the company is the first thing most people see from you so it better be good.  Let’s explore why?

Branding Relevance

Depending on the industry that your company is in, the name will be important to help make an immediate impact.  The first thing that you need to do is find a name that is relevant.

What do I mean by relevant? Well if you are a plumbing company, but want to call yourself the “Lawn Flowers” that may not be the best name for a plumber. You need to find something that attaches yourself to plumbing. Sometimes you have a family name that has plumbing after it. That’s a great way to start a family business. However, if you are wanting something that could become a corporation, you’ll want to make sure the name doesn’t say small town family business.

Short and Sweet

Unless you’re a law firm or an accounting agency, you don’t want a name that looks like a paragraph.  You want a name that is short, sweet, and rolls off your tongue.  Think about famous soda brands like Pepsi and Coke (shortened from Coca Cola of course).  Those names are synonymous with soft drinks and people can easily remember that.

Be Something Catchy

Being clever with a name can be a genius way to market yourself as well as get people to remember you.  If you can find a fun title that also plays off of your industry, someone can really run with it.  I always like to think of the popular burger joint “In N Out Burger.”  Seriously, how clever is that. It says fast food all over it.  Drive thru, walk in, and walk out.

Be Original to Stand Out

One problem that can happen in Branding a company is to come up with a name or something that represents a name that is already out there. You never want a name close to something else. The goal you want is to be the only one out there with your name so that when someone does a search of you, you’re the only one that pops up.

Branding is an incredibly important step within a business so you want to take your time to get to your name so that your name can bring your business attention from everyone it meets!

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