All Work and No Play…

You may have heard the old adage "All Work and No Play Creates Jack (Jill) a Dull Boy(Girl)."  As you can assume, it basically means you need a balance of work and play to keep your life exciting.  Why is that?  If you focus on being so good at work, don't you get better, get promotions, become successful?  Let's explore the reasons for balance.

Change is Good

For those of us that aren't good at change (like me I'm a very structured person), change allows your brain to think differently.  In business and graphic design, you need your brain to extend itself outside of the box so you can reach new heights.  If you constantly do the same thing, time and time again, your brain's subconscious is being trained to think in a specific path which makes it difficult to think differently.  Thinking differently is the true way to advance your career path and explore your potential.

What's Happening?

Getting out into the world and experiencing life allows you to stay current.  This doesn't mean you should be sitting in front of a computer.  This means going to stores, restaurants, and overall just getting out and about.  Seeing is experiencing.  No matter what someone tells you, the personal experience is the most influential.  Searching on the Internet can be a great way to learn new information, but nothing replaces first hand experiences.  Think about it.  The most influential Executives aren't sitting in front of their computers all day.  They are out and about, learning about the world around them.

Recharge Your Brain

We need ways to recharge our thinking.  Learn a new hobby, join a sports league, go to a gym or do anything that doesn't have to do with work.  If everything you do revolves around your work life, you're going to get burned out because the monotony will burn out your creativity.  You're new experiences will actually refresh the work part of your subconscious so that you can be much more productive!

All in all, living a much more balanced life will create you to be much more productive at work and happier to be around at home!

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